A bug in Apex Legends could ruin the game



Although Respawn is doing everything possible to make the gameplay experience suitable for all players, the title battle royale still has many bugs and glitches that are affecting its playability.


The errors of Apex Legends are many and there are all kinds. The most recent one allows players to use their weapons after they have been knocked down, something that clearly goes against the way the game is supposed to work. Normally, players who are knocked down in Apex Legends can only try to defend themselves with a shield, and in the rare case that they have a golden version of the item, they can even start reviving.

However, one thing they can’t do is use a weapon to shoot enemy players, which is exactly what this error allows downed players to do.

Reddit user ‘Arxtix’ has posted a video that shows the full effects of this error in action, and it definitely doesn’t look good.

The clip above clearly shows that the player is knocked down and has the option to activate his Shield, but instead of simply dragging himself as a fallen player would do, he can pull out his shotgun. The most surprising thing about this error is that it even allows downed players to fire their weapons and inflict damage on their opponents, as shown in the video.

It is still unclear how often this bug arises in Apex Legends games, and if there are other facets that have not yet been exposed.

In any case, and it goes without saying, Respawn Entertainment developers must give high priority to correcting bugs like these, as they threaten the integrity of the game at a higher level than other bugs and flaws in failed mechanics and crashes.

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