A bug in the new game Square Enix naked characters



The failures have viralized just hours after the arcade premiere.

Love Live! School Idol Festival: After Stage Activity Next Stage has just arrived at the arcades in Japan, and does so with a mistake that shows the characters naked and headless. Kotaku echoes this curiosity, reflected in the social networks of different Japanese users who have witnessed this bug in action.

The developer’s Twitter account has announced that they are already working on solving these problems that, apparently, do not stay in the aesthetic since some fans say they have also experienced problems with the servers, which expelled them from their games.

Love Live! School Idol Festival: After Stage Activity, Next Stage is a rhythmic action title in which players must successfully perform the different choreographies of a series of characters. This game was originally developed by KLabGames for iOS, but given its popularity, 40 million players worldwide, Square decided to release this recreational version.

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