Days Gone gets sixth and seventh patches in 24 hours. What problems do they solve?



Sony Bend Studio’s open-world zombie game promises to improve its optimization in upcoming updates.

Sony Bend Studio has recently released Days Gone, and it’s still busy correcting the many problems the title was exhibiting from the time of its release. On this occasion, the video game welcomes its version 1.06, very focused on the audio problems of the title, and in less than 24 hours has also released version 1.07.

In the first place, we talk about the sixth patch that the game receives, and that solves a problem related to the auto Guardado and the rise of the games to the cloud and, especially, it is overturned as we say in the sound. “The sound will not be cut off or reduced again when certain engines and certain escapes are fitted to the motorcycle”, they commented from the study in the official notes of the patch.

It is also clarified that the game will maintain the difficulty settings through the patches, and it is also explained that you are aware of crash problems when starting the game, in addition to “other problems” arising from it. There is a promise to pay attention to all of this.

Thank you for the patience you’re showing. In addition, the studio has also sent a message of thanks to fans. “We can’t thank you enough for the patience you’re showing and the support you’re giving us,” said the Days Gone development team. “Now we are very focused on dealing with the main bugs in the title, as well as optimizing it. Please continue to give us your feedback and inform us of any bugs you have experienced.

At the moment, there is no information about patch 1.07. The seventh patch to receive the Deacon St. John adventure, not even a week after its premiere. We know that it weighs 136MB, but it was released only a few minutes ago and the notes of this one have not yet been made public.

The title has had a good reception among the press, although perhaps somewhat far from what was expected, neither it nor the bugs have caused the fainting of fans who have turned with the game. All this, in fact, has meant that Days Gone is a great commercial success in its start-up weeks.

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