Epic Games Deactivates Fortnite Guided Missile Due to Bug



The weapon will be available again once the responsible parties have found a solution.

A few hours ago, the Epic Games team posted a publication on Twitter indicating that the guided missile has been temporarily removed from Fortnite after discovering an annoying error related to animation. “We’ll let you know when it’s resolved,” say those responsible.

The guided missile is a weapon introduced last week in the Fortnite 3.4 update. It allows players to take control of the missile after it is fired, giving rise to situations as crazy as getting on the rocket itself. If you want to learn how to master it, check out our guide to tips and tricks from the Fortnite guided missile.

It’s not the first time Epic has been forced to restrict or completely suppress the use of a new weapon or tool: after announcing his intentions to introduce new content every two weeks, we’ve seen the smoke bomb disappear among other things. But there is also new blood, and we already know that the Battle Royale will welcome the Port-A-Fort grenade very soon.

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