Sekiro’s bug: Shadows Die Twice can cause us to lose our progress



Apparently, it is limited to the PC version but seems relatively widespread.

In the last few hours, a Sekiro bug is running like wildfire: Shadows Die Twice which, apparently, is limited exclusively to the PC version. This is a problem that causes the disappearance of all the progress of our game under certain circumstances.

In Reddit, GameFAQ or Steam threads it is generally being commented that this loss of games and improvements can be suffered as a result of a sudden closure of the From Software videogame. Either through a manual closing of the title through the taskbar, or as a result of a lock that throws us to the desktop involuntarily.

Of course, this can be combated by closing the game correctly, on the one hand, but it is inevitable that until it is resolved by its responsible there is a risk that it will happen if we suffer one of those crashes mentioned above. Some fans recommend making backups of our saved games until the incident of the otherwise tremendously challenging Sekiro is solved.

The release of the From Software and Activision game has been one of the greatest strengths of the first quarter of this year, and you can see our assessment of it through our analysis of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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