The Division 2: fixing the skills bug is a priority for Ubisoft



The company is aware of the error and promises to solve it as soon as possible.

It seems that some players have encountered an annoying bug in The Division 2 that would compromise the use of skills such as the turret and the crawler mine, which would disappear without effect shortly after releasing them. The error has been detected by Ubisoft and has been put to work on a solution to correct it as soon as possible. As one of the community’s bosses, Chris Gansler, explained in the firm’s official forum: “This is our top priority right now and we understand how incredibly frustrating it can be. I also died yesterday for the same thing. I understand your discomfort.

Gansler explained that the solution is taking a little longer than it should because he wants to ensure that the patch solves the problem and does not compromise others, which is common in processes like the present: “Solving this problem is something we want to do correctly so as not to include more bugs in it. That means it’s taking a little longer than we want, but the development team is working hard to fix it. We’re also planning to add other fixes to that patch that we hope will have a positive impact on everyone.

The Division 2 came to PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 15. We’re working on the analysis, which we hope to share with you soon.

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